Environmental Essentials Ltd are delighted to announce our inaugural, annual Good Causes Partnership (GCP).

It is with a great deal of pride then that we can announce that our inaugural award is made to The Mavis Nye Foundation.

The GPC announcement is made in the context of our efforts to formalise and build upon the good work the EE community have done to support many great causes over the years. The partnership is therefore delivered in the context of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) statement which formalises our strategic commitment to the continuation of the good work we do in the communities where we work and live. The GPC is delivered under the Support for Charitable and Community Based Organisations CSR strand.

The foundation was created by Mavis Nye and her husband Ray to give hope to victims of the most commonly occurring asbestos related cancer, mesothelioma, a disease for which there is currently no cure. Mavis herself is a sufferer of Mesothelioma and is a participant in pioneering immunotherapy research being carried out in pursuit of a cure for mesothelioma.

The objectives of the Foundation are:

  • Fundraising: Environmental Essentials Ltd are committed to a series of fundraising events throughout the year, the proceeds of which will support the delivery of the foundation’s objectives. Details of our first fundraising event are currently being finalised and will be announced shortly. We welcome staff input regards fundraising initiatives/ideas to run during the course of the partnership.
  • Improved Training Impact: Mavis and Ray have already recorded a series of training videos which are specifically designed to improve Environmental Essentials’ training proposition in both the digital and physical space, while at the same time promoting Mavis’ powerful message.


Our work so far with Mavis serves as a reminder of the critical nature of the work that we do, as we strive to deliver our philosophy to ensure that people, places and spaces are safe. Our work with Mavis encourages us all to reflect on the harmful legacy of asbestos in the built environment and to celebrate the work we do to protect future generations against the affects of asbestos in the environment.

We hope that you will support us on this journey and will join us in embracing the spirit of the EE good causes partnership which this year focuses its attention on the most commonly occurring asbestos related cancer, mesothelioma, and lends support to the pursuit of a cure via the Mavis Nye Foundation.