Environmental Essentials support local charities at Christmas time

This November and December all staff across our regional offices are collecting and donating items such as toys, books and food to a variety of charities such as local foodbanks, the Alice charity and Gingerbread charity.

Last week we dropped a box of useful items containing hats, gloves etc. to a special local charity called Cultural Squatters who are feeding, clothing and supporting homeless people but also so much more.

You can read more about the amazing work of cultural squatters here:


These charities could not function without the volunteers who give up so much of their free time.  Environmental Essentials are doing a little to support these charities with generous donations from our own staff and suppliers, and hope to contribute more in the New Year.

If any of our clients would like to donate please drop off to our head office and we will distribute to the charities by Friday 14t December.

Thanks to all our staff for their continued charity support