Environmental Essentials support local schools with stationery donations.

At Environmental Essentials we endeavor to monitor and manage our corporate social responsibilities as part of our objectives to ensure people, places and spaces are safe.

We are dedicated to improving the communities in which we work and live, and to minimising our impact on the environment. One of the priorities we have identified this year is investment in local communities and educational partnership programmes.

Every Friday staff at EE participate in ‘Dress down Friday’ where if they choose to do so can pay £1 to come in their own casual clothes. Part of this money goes towards community based initiatives as well as other chosen charities. This year we have put some of the money towards buying a variety of stationery for a local primary and secondary school to support the learning of their pupils. Tesco in Trent Vale Newcastle-under-Lyme gave us a considerable discount so we were able to get more value for money, this was greatly appreciated so more children could benefit from the selection of pens, crayons, rulers, folders etc.

One of our members of staff Becky Herbert went back to her old primary school , St Chad’s in Chesterton, to deliver the stationery and spoke to the children about her journey as an apprentice at Environmental Essentials.  Her talk was well received about the importance of working hard.

Becky’s head teacher Miss Clarke was delighted and made this comment:

“Talking to Becky has reminded me what an absolutely delightful young girl she was here, as Head Girl, at St Chads and I am so pleased that she has continued to grow into such a vibrant and confident young lady. She really is a fantastic role model for all of the children at St Chad’s and she always was! We are so grateful to Environmental Essentials for your donation of stationery; it is so heart-warming to know that companies such as yours is willing to support our children and their education in school. You really have made a difference!”

The rest of the stationery was donated to Saint John Fisher Catholic School and the head teacher Mr G Murray said,

“The stationery donated to us by Environmental Essentials Ltd in partnership with Tesco has had an enormous impact across our entire stakeholder group. Our group of schools are free to distribute the stationary to our most deserving students which includes those who are most in need. We thank Environmental Essentials Ltd for their support of our schools through their CSR initiatives.”