We offer a full range of analytical services from our UKAS accredited laboratories

If you are planning to carry out any work which may disturb asbestos containing materials, you must either get expert help to test whether or not asbestos is present, or take full safety precautions assuming that it is present. Both management surveys and refurbishment and demolition surveys require samples to be taken.

Our UKAS accredited laboratory testing service deals with these samples. Qualified and experienced analysts carry out the bulk sampling and analysis of suspect material in accordance with HSE Guidance Note HSG248: The Analysts’ Guide and industry best practice.

You can choose to receive results via email, or use our online asbestos database to keep track of all your bulk analysis in one place.

Need emergency assistance?

Our fleet of purpose built, UKAS accredited mobile laboratories are fully equipped with state of the art extraction, microscopy and air sampling equipment. This means we can offer bulk sample analysis and report generation on-site, with a four hour response time across the UK mainland. We are one of very few organisations capable of providing this type of service.

For contingency planning and practical, on the spot assistance that will give you reassurance through any situation, our emergency response service is unparalleled. Staffed by qualified analysts, our mobile response vehicles are also able to carry out reassurance air testing and even provide expert advice on how to manage incidents on site.

By reducing downtime and enabling faster asbestos reporting, the mobile labs are able to provide a cost-effective and reliable service to the same rigorous standards applied in our regional laboratories.

All of our laboratory technicians hold the BOHS P401 certificate.

Looking for advice?

Call our team now if you require emergency asbestos incident response or advice.

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