An asbestos management plan translates your asbestos data into an actionable system to maintain compliance

The law requires you not only to determine whether asbestos is present or not in the buildings you  are responsible for, but to manage it. The first step in this process is surveying and sampling to find out where asbestos is, and the next step is to conduct a risk assessment on the dangers it may pose. However, the information gathered is useless unless you put it to use.

Your asbestos management plan allocates responsibilities for managing the risks posed by ACMs on your premises and sets deadlines to make sure compliance is maintained over the long term. It should cover everything from surveying to data management, communications and ensuring you have the right personnel to carry out any removal works.

How we can help

We can help you put together your asbestos risk register and asbestos management plan (or plans) to ensure you are making best use of your asbestos data. This makes it easier to understand and maintain accurate records, as well as simplifying the process of sharing that information with all of the relevant stakeholders, from the occupants to maintenance workers and building contractors.

As any sound asbestos management plan should, our plans include information on:

  • who is responsible for managing asbestos (duty holder or appointed person)
  • your asbestos register, including material and priority scores
  • plans for how to deal with any ACMs
  • a schedule for monitoring the condition of the ACMs
  • a communications plan for telling relevant people about your decisions

To ensure they are useful and reliable, the plans we help you to make are easy to read and easy to find when needed. They are also easy to update, which is essential whenever work (or unplanned incidents) affect your ACMs.

The approved code of practice requires asbestos management plans to be reviewed every six months. We can help you comply with this requirement and can record regular re-inspection of the condition of your asbestos. By being proactive,  you’ll have a clear roadmap for your portfolio that will help reduce risks and create cost certainty. 

Your Asbestos Management Partner

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