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Environmental Essentials are proud to introduce their provision of health and safety training in an E-learning format. Current courses on offer with more to follow:
Asbestos Awareness Training Course - UKATA Certified
Asbestos Awareness Refresher Training Course - UKATA Certified
Duty To Manage Training Course - Coming soon

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UKATA Certified Training provides consistent, compliant training with a flexible approach. With UKATA registration considered to be prerequisite by the vast majority of companies procuring Asbestos Awareness training for their employees and supply chain this course is unequaled.


To find out more information contact us on 0800 0542354 or simply visit the website: 

E Learning Benefits 

  • Compliant with the Regulation 10 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 
  • 24/7 access
  • Assessment based
  • Individual, Multiple or Group user options
  • Environmental Essentials Certified training
  • Reduces costs associated with off-site training such as 
    • loss of fee earning
    • reduction in productivity
    • travel and subsistence 

UKATA Certified Training

Providing consistent, compliant training with a flexible approach, UKATA certification is considered to be prerequisite by the vast majority of companies procuring Asbestos Awareness training for their employees and supply chain.

Furthermore, our Asbestos Awareness Refresher E-learning course is the only refresher E-learning course that has UKATA certification.

If you wish, you can complete the course in more than one sitting. Once you’ve passed the exam at the end of the course, you can download or print your UKATA certificate, which is valid for 12 months. The course should take approximately 1.5 hours to complete.

About this asbestos awareness training

This full course is divided into five modules:

  • Asbestos the Miracle Mineral
  • Use of Asbestos
  • Health Effects
  • Legislation
  • Emergency Procedure

Each module is clearly labelled and easy to navigate. When the audio for each slide has finished a next button will appear and once you have read the information on the slide, just click the Next button to move to the following slide. All slides are number so you will know exactly where you are in the course and if you need to leave the course for any reason you can leave and return to the same point when logging in again.

At the end of each module there is a knowledge check to help reinforce your learning. At the end of the course, there’s a final 15 question multiple choice exam after which you’ll receive your UKATA Asbestos Awareness certificate.

We also offer Asbestos Awareness Refresher Training which is aimed at anyone who has undertaken and passed a UKATA certified Asbestos Awareness course in the previous 12 months.

The Asbestos Awareness Refresher course has been designed to complement previous training and features a comprehensive Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to ensure the training meets the HSE guidelines for providing refresher training and ensures the users receive appropriate training based on their exact needs. As with our full asbestos awareness course, the refresher asbestos awareness training is taught in a modular format covering:

  • Training Needs Analysis – New feature
  • What is Asbestos
  • Uses of Asbestos
  • Health Effects
  • Legislation
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Best Practices – New Feature

Please take a look at our FAQs page on if you have any queries.

Asbestos awareness - a legal obligation for UK employers

Every employer must make sure that anyone who is liable to disturb asbestos during their normal work, or who supervises those employees, gets the correct level of information, instruction and training so that they can work safely and competently without risk to themselves or others.

There are four main diseases associated with inhalation of asbestos fibres.

  • Mesothelioma - a form of cancer mainly affecting the lining of the lungs
  • Asbestos related lung cancer
  • Asbestosis - a non-malignant scarring of the lung tissue
  • Non malignant pleural disease (diffuse pleural thickening and pleural plaques)

The latest figures for diseases associated with occupational exposure to asbestos many years ago, are summarised in the following table taken from the HSE*.

Deaths from mesothelioma (Mesothelioma register 2013)

Deaths from asbestosis without mention of mesothelioma (Asbestosis register 2013)

Newly assessed cases of asbestosis (IIDB 2014)

Newly assessed cases of diffuse pleural thickening (IIDB 2014)

Estimated number of cases of non malignant pleural disease reported to specialist physicians (THOR/SWORD 2014

*In addition it is estimated that there are about as many asbestos-related lung cancer deaths each year as there are mesothelioma deaths.


The UK Asbestos Training Association (UKATA) provides accreditation for our courses. Our UKATA online training courses are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that teaching is current, and that they meet the high standards demanded by this professional regulatory body. UKATA is recognised and identified by the HSE as the leading asbestos training organisation in the UK.

On successful completion of the online course, a UKATA asbestos awareness certificate becomes available for immediate download. It can be printed off and used as evidence of a worker’s up-to-date knowledge.

What you will learn from an asbestos Awareness training course

The learning objectives for UKATA online asbestos awareness training and asbestos awareness refresher training include being aware of the health risks should asbestos be disturbed, what the substance looks like in all its forms, and its likely locations inside residential and commercial buildings.

Knowing what to do if asbestos is encountered, and the reasons why it should be left undisturbed, also form a major part of this training.

Asbestos training specialists

Environmental Essentials pride ourselves in being a premier provider of asbestos management solutions. It is our intention to maintain our reputation as an industry leader through expert consultancy and an innovative approach to service design and delivery.’

Environmental Essentials deliver cost effective specialist asbestos training for a broad range of professions and occupations accounting for personnel of every level who have potential contact with asbestos containing materials in the course of their work.

In addition to the online courses, our training can be delivered in a variety of styles, from theoretical and practical classroom based presentation to customised interactive training.

UKATA certified and IATP Registered

We are recognised by UKATA as having reached the required standards for online and classroom asbestos training. This means that we have demonstrated appropriate experience within the asbestos industry and that we have successfully delivered courses that have been audited by UKATA.

Online asbestos training

Our online asbestos awareness training course went through an exhaustive and stringent process with UKATA to ensure the highest quality levels. The course is reviewed regularly by UKATA to ensure that content is up-to-date and meets current industry standards.

Asbestos Awareness Training Online

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 Regulation 10 (CAR12) requires every employer to ensure that adequate training is provided for their employees who are liable to be exposed to asbestos, or to those managers who supervise such employees. In their Syllabus for Asbestos Awareness, UKATA have laid out a clear set of terms for providing the asbestos awareness training as laid out in the regulations.

Asbestos Awareness Training Objectives

The objective of our asbestos awareness training is to improve knowledge of the risks of asbestos containing materials. The course also outlines how employees can prevent any asbestos-related risk.

HSE and E-learning

The HSE have documented on their website - Online learning (often referred to as e–learning) is increasingly used as a method of providing asbestos awareness training. HSE recognises the use of e-learning as a viable delivery method, among others, for asbestos awareness training, provided it satisfies the requirements of Regulation 10 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and the supporting  approved code of practice L143 managing and working with asbestos (second edition) 

Who is this training for?

Asbestos awareness training is for anyone who is likely to encounter asbestos during their working day. However, UKATA have identified the following roles as likely to require training:

  • Supervisors and trades personnel
  • General maintenance staff
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Gas fitters
  • Painters and decorators
  • Joiners
  • Plasterers
  • Demolition workers
  • Construction workers
  • Roofers
  • Heating and ventilation engineers
  • Telecommunication engineers
  • Fire and burglar alarm installers
  • Computer installers
  • Architects
  • Building surveyors
  • Shopfitters

Learning objectives

On successful completion of any asbestos awareness training course, delegates should:

  • Have an increased awareness of the nature and properties of asbestos and its effects on health, including the increased risk of lung cancer for asbestos workers who smoke
  • Be familiar with types, uses and likely occurrences of asbestos in buildings

Know how to avoid the risks from asbestos by understanding:

  • Where to obtain information on asbestos in premises prior to commencing work;
  • What to do if suspicious materials are found;
  • How to use appropriate workplace precautions, including the risk assessment process, or
  • Seek advice on workplace precautions, in respect of the risks of asbestos;
  • Undertake work activities in a safe manner and without risk to themselves or others.
  • Have an awareness of the general legislation in relation to health and safety and asbestos in particular.
  • Procedures to be followed when coming into unintentional contact with asbestos containing materials and an understanding of the appropriate emergency arrangements.

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